How to Get a BIR TIN ID Card?

Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2010 | Posted by Athan | Labels: , ,
No, not really! It's not the first time that I'll get my TIN Card or what we commonly call as BIR ID. Of course, that means to say that it's either what I had before was lost or whatever it went through.

This is to inform you that getting the TIN Card means that you have acquired your TIN number already. Instructions on getting your TIN number will be provided by your company that you will be working with (mostly this is one of the requirements before you'll start your training at work). They may provide you the necessary BIR forms as well as a Certificate of Employment necessary to authorize your application for the TIN number.

How to Get a BIR TIN ID Card, before?

I got my TIN Card last year 2007. The process was very slow before. As far as I remember, I filled out an information slip that was given to the assigned person after. I was then informed to be back after two weeks. That was okay for me. I don't get easily stupefied yet before. And, thankful that I don't have to pay anything for it.

How to Get a BIR TIN ID Card, now?

Well, I do appreciate the process as of now. You just need to fill out two copies of the information slip and you go to the assigned person to get your TIN ID printed after. No payments necessary.

But, How about Getting a New TIN ID because you got your ID lost?

Simply, the same process but you got to pay Php 100.00 to the cashier before your ID get printed.

I honestly got my BIR ID lost. When the lady told me to pay first, I went out of the building and thought of looking my BIR ID first at home. I hope to find it sooner before I badly need it as a requirement of claiming some documents. Who knows I might find it and save my precious hundred pesos!


  1. franz0913 said...
  2. Hi. Is the claiming process really that easy, I mean no questions asked?

  3. Athan said...
  4. As long as you have your TIN number already, I bet it will be that easy to just go to the assigned person that will print your BIR TIN ID.

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. Is it necessary to go to the BIR office of your current RDO or you can go to any BIR office near you?

  7. sallertz encinarez said...
  8. what kind of bank did you pay i lost my ID also

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